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Peter McKinney, Actor
“I first met Trevor in 2008 during the filming of ‘Babbage’ (directed by Claire Barker). Trevor was DOP on this superb taster and I immediately picked up on his total commitment and attention to detail. Subsequently, I have acted in other films that Trevor has directed (and some that he has edited) and he has always been focussed and driven to provide the very best result.
Trevor is committed and creative with a photographer’s eye for detail – and he has a sense of humour. Strongly recommended. “
Bert Israelsson, Proffsigt

Anita Lindberg, Sååå himla bra o kul mixat med foton o musik!!
Ek Singh, Art Director/Stylist, Freelance (colleague)
reported to you
“Trevor was a delight to work with. A smooth shoot and relaxed and friendly set What more does one need?.” April 10, 2012

Charl Cilliers, Sound Engineer, Private, Freelance (colleague)
worked directly with you
“It's always a rewarding experience working with Trevor! He knows what he wants within a production, and knows how to get it! A great person to work with!” February 9, 2011

Roger Slagle, Student, UCLA Film (colleague)
worked directly with you
“Working with Trevor is an experience in organization. Each shot is carefully planned and contimplated when it's time to shoot it's simply there. Trevor is very much a team player on set and off. He is by no means rigid in his ability to make changes as they are needed. It takes guts to arrive in a differant culture, country and lifestyle in the "bush" of the American West and shoot the likes of a Western ... The Secret of Wilson Hill 2011. The results of Trevors' film making talent simply speaks for itself. His dedication and ability in the art of film making is simply amazing. As for... The Secret of Wilson Hill... I think it will be one of his best films... but hey... I'm just the Screenwriter and Director of the project. I look forward to working with Trevor in the future in London, America or anywhere.” January 17, 2011

RHONDA BOSS-MONAGHAN, Assistant Producer, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Actress, Casting, Independent Project -The Secret of Wilson Hill (colleague)
worked directly with you
“Trevor was an absolute pleasure to work with. High level of professionalism and expectations which raises the bar for everyone. His attention to detail and behind the camera direction experience was amazing. I would love to work with him again in the future.” December 30, 2010